Series: Die-Cut, Untitled. 2011.

Series: Die-Cut, Untitled. 2011.

Paappa works have been photographed in installed spaces, in which the artist has built mental landscapes out of enlarged die-cut scraps and ready-made objects. The artist is interested in how ultimately similar people's emotional worlds are, and how they long to hear the same basic stories. The impulse to create the installations came when Paappa was studying dioramas. She was attracted to their way of imitating reality and of telling stories by use of visual means. The scenes constructed in the images take the viewer along into a landscape of emotions and memories. 

Esko Männikkö has studied lonely men in the deep forests in his photographic book: The Female Pike. Paappa´s photographs conceal inside the same “quiet paradox of despair and acceptance” as Männikkö´s works. The characters in her photographs are at the same time joyous, threatening and full of horror. They are voiceless, that´s why their presence is screaming. She photographs to make the the most vulnerable part of the humanness visible.

In the series the themes of narration, the experiential side, the magical realism and the relation of emotion to the architectural space are repeated. In the images Paappa is playing with several elements, which together with the everyday landscape form a sort of scene surreal settings. Paappa deals in her works with the relation between change and timelessness, together with solitary experiences that people can have in themselves.

Paappa’s works have not been manipulated with any image processing software.