How i got my starry eyes


Animation `How I got my Starry Eyes´ was originally created for a competition. "Starry eyes" is a phrase that refers to a person how is unrealistically optimistic and having hopes and desires that are not realistic or practical. Regarding to Merriam-Webster dictionary:

  1. :  regarding an object or a prospect in an overly favorable light; specifically :  characterized by dreamy, impracticable, or utopian thinking :  visionary

I made this animation as a kind of self-portrait in a situation where I did not feel I belong anymore to my homeland or my society. For the animation I scanned old Die-cut Scraps, postcards and my childhood photographs. I have built the animation mixing together these childhood memories.


The result is a sluggish tribute to the old frame-by-frame animation

My way of doing animation is a fusion of traditional handwork and creative use of new software. I paint, draw and film the key features or scan the central characters and backgrounds from old magazines and books onto the computer. In editing the animations I use primarily Photoshop and FinalCutPro.

How I Got My Starry Eyes was Finalist of the Swan Lake Moving Image & Music Awardsin in year 2011.

Animation by Karoliina Paappa. Music by Moises Nieto. 4:3, 2.05 min, 2010.