Series: Someplace   Nice  , P'en  -Lai   Shan

Series: Someplace Nice, P'en-Lai Shan

 Series: Someplace Nice, P'en-Lai Shan

Series: Someplace Nice, P'en-Lai Shan



With its rugged peaks, meadowed valleys, and turquoise-blue sea, P'eng-Lai San offers everything from mountain hikes and tigerback excursions to hot spring soaks and luxury accommodations—making it an ideal destination for the 2017 paradise experiment.

Trillions of scented flowers grow amongst trees made of coral-bearing pearls. Other wonders include a profusion of epiphytes (air plants) and rare orchids. Everything shimmers and all the animals and birds are white. A perfect place to escape to for answers to life’s questions.